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AM - Laptop Cleaner AM - Laptop Cleaner

AM - Laptop Cleaner

Take your laptop and gadget care to the next level with AM Laptop Cleaner. This unique Danish-designed device features a smart microfibre pillow coupled with a potent yet safe cleaning fluid. It's your one-stop solution for maintaining sparkling clean screens, keyboards, and more.

  • Dual-function Microfibre Pillow
  • Effective Cleaning Fluid
  • Versatile Usage
  • Danish Design
  • Washable & Durable

Dual-function Microfibre Pillow
The AM Laptop Cleaner includes a high-tech, two-sided microfibre pillow. One side features a rough texture for wiping off greasy fingerprints and stubborn dirt, while the other side is smooth to give your devices the perfect, glossy finish.

Effective Cleaning Fluid
This product also comes with a 30ml bottle of water-based, alcohol-free cleaning fluid equipped with an atomiser. The formula is safe for all screens and surfaces, allowing for thorough cleaning without the risk of damage.

Versatile Usage
The AM Laptop Cleaner is an all-rounder. You can use it to clean your laptop screen and keyboard, your tablet, or even your mobile phone. Plus, its large size makes it perfect for cleaning larger displays and TV screens too.

Danish Design
The AM Laptop Cleaner is designed by Tools design, a renowned Danish brand. The design is minimalist yet effective, an embodiment of the well-known Danish design ethos of "form follows function".

Washable & Durable
Durability is one of the keystones of this product. The microfibre pillow can be easily cleaned at a temperature of 30C (86F), ensuring a long-lasting and thorough clean every time you use it.

Package Includes

  • Dual-function microfibre pillow
  • 30ml alcohol-free, water-based cleaning solution with atomiser

Product Specifications

  • Size: 130x90x20mm
  • Fabric: Microfibre
  • Cleaning solution: 30ml, water-based, alcohol-free
  • Washable at 30C/86F
  • Designed in Denmark by Tools Design
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