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KeyBudz AirCare - Cleaning Kit for AirPods and AirPods Pro

Introducing Keybudz AirCare Cleaning Kit, your ultimate answer to maintaining the premium quality, functionality, and cleanliness of your AirPods and AirPods Pro. The comprehensive kit enables you to effortlessly eliminate dirt, dust, debris, and earwax buildup on your AirPods, enhancing your audio experience while preserving your device's lifespan. Packed within the kit are carefully selected tools, each engineered for precision and efficiency, that not only cleanse your AirPods but also secure their optimum performance, protect your investment, and promote better ear hygiene.

  • Comprehensive cleaning package for extended AirPods lifespan
  • Precision tools for efficient cleaning and ear hygiene
  • Includes lint-free microfiber cloths, brushes, precision cotton tips and more.
  • Antibacterial wet and dry wipes for disinfection.
  • Innovative AirCare Sticky Squares for thorough cleaning.

Comprehensive cleaning package for extended AirPods lifespan:
The Keybudz AirCare Cleaning Kit is a comprehensive package designed to maintain your AirPods in optimal condition and extend their lifespan. The kit features an array of tools needed for an in-depth cleaning of your AirPods, enhancing their functionality and ensuring their longevity.

Precision tools for efficient cleaning and ear hygiene:
Included in the kit are precision-crafted tools that make cleaning your AirPods more efficient. These include fine brushes for precision cleaning tasks, and precision cotton tips that reach intricate areas for a deeper clean. Each tool is designed to deliver superior cleaning results, enhancing your airpod's performance and your ear hygiene.

Includes lint-free microfiber cloths, fine brushes, medium brush, precision cotton tips and more:
Each tool included in the Keybudz AirCare Cleaning Kit serves a unique purpose. The lint-free microfiber clothes clean without scratching or damaging your AirPods, the brushes gently yet thoroughly clean the surfaces and cracks. Each tool was selected with the utmost care to provide the best cleaning results.

Antibacterial wet and dry wipes for disinfection:
Included in the kit are antibacterial wet and dry wipes soaked in a safe antibacterial solution for a deep and thorough cleaning. These wipes not just clean but also disinfect your AirPods, eliminating harmful bacteria that might be present.

Innovative AirCare Sticky Squares for thorough cleaning:
The AirCare Cleaning Kit includes innovative AirCare Sticky Squares designed to effortlessly pick up stubborn dirt particles, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning of your AirPods.

Product packaging includes:

  • 2 x lint-free microfiber cloths
  • 1 x Medium brush
  • 3 x Fine brushes
  • 5 x Precision cotton tips
  • 6 x antibacterial wet and dry wipes
  • 10 x AirCare Sticky Squares
  • 6 x antibacterial swabs
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