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Upström Cirkulär  - Fast wireless charging in a sleek Danish design Upström Cirkulär  - Fast wireless charging in a sleek Danish design Upström Cirkulär  - Fast wireless charging in a sleek Danish design

Upström Cirkulär - Fast wireless charging in a sleek Danish design

Fast wireless charger designed with a circular mindset

  • 10W fast charge
  • Fabric made from 100% upcycled plastic bottles
  • Integrated security systems
  • Qi, CE & RoHS certified
  • Matching USB-C cable included

CIRKULÄR by UPSTRÖM is a fast wireless charger where functionality, sustainability and design go hand in hand. This wireless charger has a sleek Danish design and is covered with fabric made from 100% upcycled plastic bottles. With CIRKULÄR you avoid cable clutter and loose connection. Simply place your devices on the smartphone-shaped pad and get a full charge in no time!

For each product sold 15 ocean-bound plastic bottles are collected and recycled. 

The wireless charger, CIRKULÄR, is not just a stylish and sustainable product - it’s a universal charger with increased charging speed and transmission distance. This ensures a fast and continuous charging that can charge through covers up to 0.5 in thickness

CIRKULÄR is compatible with:

CIRKULÄR is a product series designed with a circular mindset. By giving old plastic a new life UPSTRÖM reduces their product’s carbon footprint and fights plastic pollution in a meaningful way. The vision of CIRKULÄR is to bridge the gap between the Earth’s and the consumer’s needs by utilizing the resources that are already in circulation.

In this wireless charger UPSTRÖM upcycle old plastic bottles to make their GRS-certified fabric, and when a product is sold further 15 plastic bottles are collected and recycled. By making fabric from 100% recycled plastic bottles, instead of virgin plastic, the energy consumption is reduced by 60% and water consumption by 94%.

CIRKULÄR is a fusion of Danish design and tech. The wireless charger has a stylish, minimalistic look and the materials are carefully selected with great focus on sustainability, durability and functionality. 

LED Indicator
Your safety is our first priority: The wireless charger CIRKULÄR has integrated safety systems that protects against overheating, overcharging, over-voltage and foreign objects. If problems occur during charging you will be notified via the LED indicator.

CIRKULÄR is tested and certified according to all required EU directives (CE & RoHS) and Qi. 


Did you know that each year 51.000 metric tons of e-waste is generated solely from discarded charging cables?

A wireless charger has a much longer lifespan than traditional charging cables. By using a wireless charger, you can help decrease the heavy flow of e-waste from charging cables. 

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