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HerQs Double Max

Elevate your culinary creations with the HerQs Double Max, the ultimate meat thermometer designed to bring ease and precision to your cooking - all with a stylish, wireless design. Step into the future of kitchen technology with a gadget that experts and home chefs alike will adore. Discover perfection on a plate every time.

  • Ultra-thin, completely wireless design with a range of up to 100m 
  • Dual wireless probes for temperature precision up to 500°C
  • 72h battery life for continuous monitoring
  • Seamless, free app integration with HerQs for complete control
  • Extensive temperature range accommodating various cooking needs

Wireless Precision
The wireless feature of the HerQs Double Max is at the forefront of its excellence in kitchen tech, where the two probes communicate effortlessly with the HerQs app. This state-of-the-art design allows you to move freely around your kitchen without wires while guaranteeing impeccable temperature readings.

Dual Probe Advantage
With not one but two wireless probes, the HerQs Double Max ensures accuracy and reliability in temperature measurement. Whether you're an avid BBQ master or a kitchen newbie, these slim and durable probes withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees, ensuring your meat is perfectly cooked.

Enduring Battery Life
The HerQs Double Max is built for the marathon rather than the sprint, with an incredible 72 hours of battery life per probe on a single charge cycle. This exceptional endurance allows for uninterrupted cooking sessions, from slow roasts to extended grilling, providing continuous temperature monitoring for those delectable dishes.

Intuitive App Experience
Pair your HerQs Double Max with its companion app and gain access to a rich repository of cooking intelligence. Choose your meat, set your doneness levels, and let the app guide you to culinary excellence with pre-programmed settings and real-time graphs that track your cooking temperatures.

All-encompassing Temperature Range
Crafted to accommodate an extensive array of cooking styles, the HerQs Double Max boasts a wide temperature range, from cool kitchen temperatures to the fiery heat of the grill. Whether keeping it low or cranking up the heat, this thermometer adapts to your every need, serving as an indispensable tool in your gastronomical arsenal.

Package includes:

  • 1x HerQs Double Max
  • 2x Stainless steel food probe including ambient sensor
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x Charging Case
  • 1x User Guide
  • Use of free herQs app

Product Specifications:

  • Number of Probes: 2 wireless probes
  • Food Probes: 0-100°C / 32 - 212°F
  • Ambient probe: 0-300 °C / 32 - 572°F
  • Heat resistance: 500°C / 32 - 932°F
  • Accuracy: 0-99 °C ‡1% / 100-300 °C
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life: 72 hours per probe
  • Temperature Alerts: Fully adjustable
  • Preset Temperature Settings: Varied for different meats
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Indoor Wireless Range: 30 meters
  • Outdoor Wireless Range: 100 meters
  • Water Resistance Rating: IP65
  • Supported Devices: iOS 11.0 or later; Android 5.0 or later
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