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Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

Where we send? send packets to all countries of the EU.

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Orders are generally shipped from our warehouse within 24 hours. With reservations for transportation delays beyond our control. Orders are generally delivered within 1-5 days from order date.


Fixed price per order, EU 4.99EUR


As a private customer you have 30 days to return your purchase after you receive the item(s). The product should be in the same condition as received. In case of return, you must contact us first to get a RMA number. It is your responsibility that the item and its original package return to us in undamaged condition. Ensure that the product is well packed. The return is only approved when we have checked the item. Upon approved return, the sum is refunded within 30 days. In case of unauthorized return, the item is returned to you and shipping costs are charged.

In the case of a return, you are responsible for all costs and custom charges if applicable. 

NOTE! The return must be sent as a regular package, not as a recommended package to the post office. This is so that it arrives at our address at Ladugårdsvägen 1, 234 35 in Lomma. This is because we do not have the opportunity to collect returns that end up at the delivery point. If you are not sure what this means, ask the staff at the place where you will return the package.



Is your product damaged or faulty, contact us within 10 days with your complaint. Provide a detailed description of the problem as well as the order and invoice number. For complaints, customers have to contact Vendora via email [email protected] in order to obtain a RMA (return number). Damaged packaging will not be accepted as complaints. 

Damage to the package

If you discover damage to the package, you should immediately contact your carrier and file a complaint. Do not collect a damaged package! If you do not discover the damage until you opened the package, and the damage is of a nature that it can be attributed to the postal service or the carrier management, you should contact them and file a complaint. If the dispute cannot be resolved by the carrier, please contact us.


We always offer 1 year warranty on the products you purchase.

Selling to minors do not sell products to minors (under the age of 18) without parental consent.


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