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Just Mobile

Just Mobile Xkin Tempered Glass for iPhone 5/5S/SE

Ultra Hard shelter with blue-light filter for iPhone SE

- With blue light and UV filters, good for melatonin production!

- Tempered glass with hardness of 9H

- Extremely scratch and impact resistant

- Resists oil, water and fingerprints

Just Mobile Xkin ™ Anti-Blue Light Glass is a high quality screen protector made of tempered glass that filters out blue and ultraviolet light to reduce the strain on your eyes and give you a better sleep. The ultra-thin, self-adhesive glass protects the screen of your iPhone with a hardness of 9H which is the highest value that can be achieved.

Just Mobile Xkin ™ Anti-Blue Light Glass is also easy to clean thanks to a surface treatment that resists smudges and fingerprints.

Xkin ™ Anti-Blue Light Glass radically reduces the blue light from the screen that has been shown to affect negatively the sleep hormone melatonin, which makes it harder to fall asleep and give sleep disorders. But with the Just Mobile Xkin ™ Anti-Blue Light ice cream on your iPhone, you can continue to sleep well!

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