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Click and Grow

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Starter kit

The easiest indoor gardening solution in the market.

The Smart Garden 9 is a self-watering garden that takes care of plants automatically by making sure they always have enough water, light, and nutrients. Grow any plant with zero effort!  This garden allows growing 9 plants simultaneously.
Despite the technology involved, plants are grown naturally and no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones or any other harmful substances are used.  It has a premium high-quality finish and a modular lamp arm.

The Starter Kit includes 9 plant capsules to start growing immediately.

  1. Fill the Tank
  2. Power up
  3. Enjoy

The main features in the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9:

LED Grow Light

The lamp is designed specifically for faster germination and growth. It provides the optimum spectra at 10,000 lux.
Built-in Timer
The built-in time makes sure the perfect amount of light is on for about 16 hours each day and off for 8 so you can enjoy your sleep.
Adjustable lamp height
Lamp height is easily adjustable with extension arms (included in the package).
Professional-Grade seeds
Only the best, professional-grade seeds are used in our refills. With 100% germination rate no sees are wasted.
Smart soil

Our gardens feature a patented nano-material called the Smart-Soil that automatically releases nutrients oxygen and waters your plants helping them thrive.
Low energy consumption
Consumes a mere 66kW and $9 of electricity per year.
Self-watering tank
Waters plants automatically. Holds up to one month of water supply.

The plastic cups and covers used for the plant capsules are reusable and should not be thrown away.


The Smart Garden 9 comes with a complimentary set of plant capsules:
3x Mini tomato, 3x Basil & 3x Lettuce

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