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Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition Guitar Trainer Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition Guitar Trainer Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition Guitar Trainer Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition Guitar Trainer Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition Guitar Trainer Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition Guitar Trainer Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition Guitar Trainer

Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition Guitar Trainer

Jamstik is a brand of portable, app-connected (MIDI) guitars that have revolutionized the guitar learning experience while opening up musical possibilities for guitarists and producers. These Smart Guitars have sensors in the fretboard, so you can see your fingers on the screen in real-time in our apps—taking the guesswork out of the learning process. The Jamstiks are portable, wireless, and quiet so you can play and practice anywhere. They are also class-compliant, versatile MIDI controllers, compatible with hundreds of music apps and DAWs, so you can create virtually any sound you can think of, vastly expanding your musical territory.


Smart Sensors
The Jamstik is the only smart guitar on the market that can see your fingers in real-time and display them in our companion apps. Learn chords and scales without the guesswork.

Bluetooth Wireless
Bluetooth means no wires required! Simply connect to your phone or computer and start playing with our connected apps and software.

Extended battery life
Never worry about running out of battery. The Jamstik 7 has over 3 days of continuous play powered by the included four AA cells.

Custom D’addarrio strings
The Jamstik uses real nickel-steel guitar strings so practising with it will prepare you for playing a traditional guitar.

Take it anywhere
At just over 18 inches long, the Jamstik 7 is portable and compact, so you can easily take it with you to practice anywhere, anytime.

Create with MIDI
The Jamstik 7 is also a MIDI controller, so you can use it in apps and software like GarageBand and Soundtrap to create and record full songs. Record drums, synths, or any instrument you can think of!

Quiet when you want
You’ll get no flak from your family, classroom, or roommates while practising because the Jamstik makes no sound on its own. With headphones plugged into your device, you’re the only one who will hear it.

Learn at your own pace
The Jamstik comes with lessons that help teach you how to play. Don’t know how to read music or hold a pick? No problem. Our interactive lessons take you step-by-step, so you can learn at your own pace, on your schedule.

Featured Software

JamTutor -The Jamstik Curriculum is the only guitar-learning system that can display your finger positions on the screen in real-time, instantly showing you right from wrong. 
Jamstik- Jamstik is the official companion app designed to establish your iPad/iPhone connection to the Jamstik device.
Play Portal – is the online Jamstik experience where you can play in your Google Chrome browser on Windows or Mac, watch tutorials and browse recommended apps.

Compatible Apps & DAWs
The Jamstiks are class-compliant MIDI controllers, so they are compatible with hundreds of complementary music apps and DAWs —like GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Soundtrap, and — for music creation, composition, and supplementary learning content.

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