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Pixio Mini Monster - POS Set (9x2 Packages)

  • Winner of The Reddot Award in 2018 for product design and also the winner of the A’Design Platinum and Gold Award 2018
  • Contains Magnetic blocks in different colors
  • Unique magnetic construction that connects to each other in pixel style
  • Includes downloadable app with design instructions and suggestions


Whether a monster is cute or scary doesn't depend on its size. The MINI MONSTERS set is your chance to assemble unique creations.

Every POS pack include 2 of each of the Monsters:


Once upon a time in a very pink world, on a very pink planet lived Pin. He was so tiny, pointy, and slender that his name got shortened to Pin. But his real full name is Pin Point Pixel.


People say that ghosts don’t exist but PIXIO Ghost definitely does! This orange ghost’s greatest dream is to be spotted one day.


In your hands is a genuine, light green PIXIO alien. Alienz wasn’t formed from alien plasma, strange green matter, or space dust. He’s made of light green, black, and white PIXIO blocks. But he’s easy to build here on this planet, and you can play with him without leaving the galaxy.


Konichiwa! Meet Japz, the light blue PIXIO samurai. Japz looks like a miniature warrior. He is observant and vigilantly defends peace and friendship.


This little monster’s superpower is the ability to see everything and everyone with his big eye. Helix can spot even the tiniest objects from high in the sky. Build Helix and let him fly over your imaginary world.


This is Iz. He sees everything for what it is. No one can fool Iz. If a ball pretends to be a lollipop, Iz can tell it’s a ball. He can even feel your warm fingers putting him together block by block.


Gatez is a monster who symbolizes the gates to the extraordinary world of a parallel universe. This little monster was created to defend your other toys and represent your safety. 


There are more planets in our Universe than there are grains of sand on all of Earth’s beaches. Crabb arrived from the wateriest planet, covered only by salty seawater. Although he looks like a crab, he has a much stronger grip, which makes it easy to feel his hugs.


Just like his color, the turquoise monster Frogz loves drawing people together with conversation. Frogz is a sweet and friendly creature capable of reconciling anyone, even cats and dogs. His superpower is super friendliness.

Each PIXIO set will come along with a unique promo code, which gives access to the exclusive content of the app.

Download the free app (iOS & Android) to explore hundreds of interactive, 3D design ideas



Note: Please note that the photos displayed show the single packaging.


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