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Twelve South PlugBug Duo - Supercharge your MacBook Charger Twelve South PlugBug Duo - Supercharge your MacBook Charger Twelve South PlugBug Duo - Supercharge your MacBook Charger Twelve South PlugBug Duo - Supercharge your MacBook Charger
Twelve South

Twelve South PlugBug Duo - Supercharge your MacBook Charger

PlugBug World is a dual, 12-watt USB charger that snaps on the back of any MacBook Power Adapter, including USB-C and iPad Power Adapters. This must-have accessory is a way to reclaim the missing USB ports on the newest MacBook and MacBook Pro models. PlugBug Duo includes five international Snap-On plugs and doubles as an international, stand-alone USB charger for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Key facts:

  • Creates all-in-one charger for MacBook and two additional USB powered devices including iPad, iPhone, and Apple watch.
  • 2.1 Amp USB charger provides fast charge to iPad and iPhone.
  • Includes five AC plugs to convert a MacBook charger to fit most global electrical outlets.
  • Works with Apple MagSafe + USB-C Power Adapters and any USB charging cable (not included)

Relief for disappearing USB Ports
If you’ve upgraded your MacBook recently you’ve noticed it only has USB-C ports, making it a challenge to charge your iPhone, wireless headphones, battery packs, etc., with your MacBook. Instead of buying dongles or carrying extra chargers, why not add PlugBug Duo to the MacBook charger you already have - so you can charge two USB devices, and your MacBook, simultaneously, with one device.

Charge three devices from just one outlet
PlugBug Duo snaps onto your MacBook power adapter giving you the ability to charge your MacBook plus two additional USB powered devices, such as your iPhone and AirPods, from one outlet. Imagine how awesome that would be in an airport or a coffee shop where outlets are scarce. No more having to decide which item to charge before you board a plane or on a break at a conference.

Charge your MacBook in over 150 countries
PlugBug Duo includes five Plug Adapters so you can convert your MacBook Power Supply to fit outlets in over 150 Countries. Wherever you roam on your next vacation or business trip, PlugBug has your charging needs covered by adapting your MacBook AND giving you two USB charging outlets.

Make your MacBook charger a Supercharger
PlugBug Duo really does make your MacBook Power Adaptor even better. How? It snaps onto your MacBook Charger giving you three chargers in one. And this red wonder adapts your MacBook to work anywhere in the world. Why wouldn’t you carry PlugBug Duo in your computer bag or backpack?

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