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Satechi 145W USB-C 4-port GaN Travel Charger

Maximize charging efficiency with the Satechi 145W USB-C 4-port GaN Travel Charger. Harness the power of cutting-edge GaN technology to fuel up to four devices at once quickly. Designed for the modern traveler, this compact and lightweight charger is your perfect companion for powering devices worldwide.

  • Advanced GaN Technology
  • Powerful Charging Capabilities
  • Travel-Friendly Design
  • Smart Power Distribution
  • Broad Compatibility

Advanced GaN Technology
Utilize the latest charging innovation with the Satechi 145W USB-C 4-port GaN Travel Charger. Engineered with Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, this charger offers a powerful performance while maintaining a compact and lightweight design. Not only does it keep size to a minimum, but it also ensures cool operation, distancing heat from the exterior for a safe and comfortable handling experience.

Powerful Charging Capabilities
Each of the four USB-C PD ports on the Satechi 145W Charger promises dynamic and robust power delivery. With two ports supporting PD 3.1 capable of up to 140W and two ports supporting PD 3.0 up to 45W when used individually, this charger handles the most demanding devices, including the 16-inch MacBook Pro® and high-powered Lenovo Legion™ laptops. Charge your devices at maximum speeds and never run out of power.

Travel-Friendly Design
The sleek and lightweight profile of the Satechi 145W Travel Charger, combined with a mesh carrying bag and four interchangeable international adapters (EU/AU/UK/US), makes it an unparalleled travel accessory. Regardless of where your travels take you, stay assured that this charger will seamlessly fit into any environment, offering the convenience of charging wherever you go.

Smart Power Distribution
This intelligent charger automatically adjusts its power output based on which ports are in use and what devices are connected. With smart power distribution, you can be confident that your connected devices are receiving the right amount of power to charge efficiently. The Satechi 145W USB-C 4-port GaN Travel Charger ensures all your power needs are smartly managed no matter how many devices are connected.

Broad Compatibility
With universal compatibility across all USB-C PD devices, the Satechi Travel Charger is a versatile power solution. Whether you're using Apple® or Windows® devices, power banks, or peripherals, this charger supports them all. Simplify your electronic life with one charger that takes care of all your different devices.

Package includes:

  • 1x Satechi 145W USB-C 4-port GaN Travel Charger
  • 1x UK Adapter
  • 1x EU Adapter
  • 1x AU Adapter
  • 1x US Adapter (Default)
  • 1x Mesh Pouch
  • 1x User Manual

Product specifications:

  • Length: 96mm 
  • Width: 76mm 
  • Height: 31mm 
  • Weight: 346g
  • Output Speeds:
  • 1 x USB-C PD connected - up to 140W
  • 2 x USB-C PD connected - up to 100W
  • 3 x USB-C PD connected - 65W/30W/45W or 100W/25W/20W
  • 4 x USB-C PD connected - 65W/30W/25W/20W
  • Up to 145W total
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