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Vifa City - Bring your sound along


  • Bluetooth® 4.0 
  • ​NFC for easy pairing to Android 
  • Speakerphone 
  • USB playback
  • Link two or more speakers
  • 2 full bridged power amplifier channels
  • Charge using USB from any 5V USB port.
  • Coaxial drivers, true uniform 360 degrees sound dispersion
  • Ingress Protection: IPX4

Meet City, the smallest Bluetooth speaker in Vifas’ range. Available in six colour combinations, this little gem delivers a 360-degree sound experience. And when one is not enough, you can easily pair two or more to give you an even richer soundscape. A loudspeaker you’ll simply want to bring along since it’s crafted to never be a burden.

Turn it up
This music has muscles. Whether you like to pump up the volume or prefer to turn it down, City will surprise you with its full-bodied sound. Due to a 360 degree dispersion, the sound is rendered at its very best, no matter how you face the speaker.

Bring your sound along
Here is to those who dare. To those brave enough to discover the world with their own eyes. To you that find belonging in the experiences shared with friends, no matter where they take place. 

Small enough to fit your hand. 
Big enough to fill your music.

Kiss ’n’ connect
Let’s get it together. Sharing is caring. More is merrier. It goes for friends, and it goes to City. Its innovative technology allows you to connect speakers, creating a seamless sound experience. Heavy technology made light and effortless. Gather up, get your speakers together, swap songs. And let the surrounding sound seduce you.



Technical specifications

Frequency response: 78Hz – [email protected] +/-3dB
Input voltage: USB 5V Lithium-Ion battery
Sleep mode: After 3 minutes without a signal
Automatic off: After 30 minutes without a signal
Ingress Protection: IPX4
Grill: Die-cast aluminium
Enclosure: ABS
Dimensions: Height/Width 39 mm / 105 mm
Net weight: 0.3 kg 


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EAN: 5712009880044
Alldeles ljuvlig liten högtalare med ljud i toppklass. Efter att ha gått igenom ett flertal tester på nätet samt även lyssnat på jämförande-tester på Youtube fastnade jag för Vifa City. Fungerar med all slags musik men glänser extra mycket med jazz, smooth jazz, akustisk musik och liknande. Vill du ha fet bas så ska du kanske leta vidare. Den här högtalaren är riktigt liten och väger bara 300gram.
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